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It futilely bemoans the misery it has caused in response to its own privations, having for so long cast off all feeling, subdued all anguish in the excess of my despair (324). He begins clandestinely perusing cemeteries and morgues for secrets of the human frame (68 body parts for use in his creation, certain that he alone could be reserved to discover so astonishing a secret (62). University of Pennsylvania, 1985. Victor does not possess feeling of love and compassion.

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Walton is left alone, carrying one last burdenthat of the only living witness to every aspect of Victors and the monsters unbelievable tale. Despite the admonition of a professor that his studies of discounted theorists have amounted to nothing, and that he should scrap his misguided early education, Victor withdraws into his own prejudices, precipitating a pattern of psychological withdrawal and justification that leads to his self-appointment. A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful. "I am alone and miserable, man will not associate with me, but one as deformed and horrible as myself would not deny herself." Music. It is not until the next morning that Walton awakes to find his crew talking with a second individual appearing on the brink of destruction, one Walton hopes to hold as a brother of my heart (24,27). Shelly is saying that some would rather suffer alone if they must undergo suffering The theme of lonliness is displayed through out the novel. This latest in the string of tragedies occurs due to Victors propensity for forcing the concerns of his loved ones into the background, favoring secrecy and alienation in his single-minded pursuit of his ambitions. It seeks for understanding and love but can not find a living creature which would share its feelings. We feel isolated, distanced from others, deprived. II have lost every thing, and can not begin life anew. This article talks about the dangers of loneliness on people's lives.

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