a visit to a historical place essay quotations

including some European masons worked day and night for twenty years write college essays to build. . So all agreed that this historical place should. Moreover, the diversity that it presents baffles the people because the diversity is not only geographical but social and cultural as well. It was a startling sight.

During the journey, we sang songs, raised slogans and shared gossip and jokes. A picnic or a visit opens the door of pleasant change to individual and group life. The journey is the reward. Even if one has to go at last, one feels inclined to visit it again and again. It is located in the Agra, UP, India. After some rest, we undertook a visit to Delhi. The Taj is surrounded by a cypress garden on three sides. I then went to Fatehpur Sikri where I saw the famous Buland Darwaza, the Panch Mahal and many other buildings.

The huge mausoleum has a vast terrace. All tourists who come to India praise the architectural feats to the Indians. Built in white stone this grand building is one of the must see sights in Delhi. They show us the picture of the past and the achievements of our great forefathers. The country is not perfect its historic cities have often been marred. It cost the Emperor several crores of rupees. Leaving Madras, I took four days to reach Lahore. Advertisements: The Taj is immortal.