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In November, the group has welcomed Karen Johnston, postdoctoral researcher, who will be working on the ternary alloy TiSnSb alloy using NMR and PDF, in collaboration with Dr Nicolas Dupré from Institut des Matériaux Jean Rouxel (IMN, Université de Nantes through the alistore-ERI network. In text citation, examples. In July, the Grey group also organised a symposium on 'Ion dynamics in confined systems'.

In June, the group has welcomed a guest scientist, Megan Butala, PhD student coming from the group of Ram Seshadri. We also enjoyed a number of social activities including hiking, escape rooms, paintball and barbecue (see more in the. pinpoint the","ng - Information prominent, it has been claimed that 'the main audience for mainstream rock is probably educated, middle-class, and suburban or metropolitan' (Kato 2011,. 183) amusingly characterises this polymer as a molecular 'charm bracelet'. Paraphrasing - Information prominent, a number of methods were tested and rejected (Clark 2011). If you have the degree-granting institution's microfiche number for reference you may also choose to good essay vocabulary list include. This December, we said goodbye to Tina Jost, who has been the group's secretary for the last three years. Unpublished thesis, for unpublished works, the titles appear in"tion marks and not italics. He will be working on in situ TEM of battery materials, solid-state batteries, and Li-O2 batteries. We also had the visit of Kevin Sanders, PhD student at crmn/ENS Lyon and fellow of the pNMR network, who works on the development of experiments and radio frequency irradiation schemes for improved measurement of correlations in paramagnetic solids using NMR. April-June 2015 Congratulations to Dr Amy Moore for her successful viva on the 24th June! Congratulations to David Halat and Kent Griffith for winning travel awards for ECS Glasgow sponsored by the Energy Storage Research Network (esrn) and UK Energy Superstore!