expository essay on being a good leader

accept and apply just criticism. He saves himself large blocks of time for his major productive activities. Restless Spiritual leaders have a holy discontentment with the status quo. Put down the phone and turn off the computer. If we would be the kind of leaders we ought to be, we must make it our aim to develop persons rather than dictate plans. Romans 12:8 says that if your gift is leadership, do it with zeal.

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The Marks of a Spiritual Leader Desiring God

Tact is that quality of grace that wins the confidence of people who are sure you wont do or say something stupid. Spiritual leaders redeem or make the best use of the time (Ephesians 5:16). But how shall we sinners come to have this kind of confidence in God?

It is not easy to be a leader of people who can outthink you. This will give the leader a stability that keeps him from being knocked off his feet by sudden changes in circumstances or new winds of doctrine. Paul said in Ephesians 5:25, Husbands, love your wives. Once we are humbled to that point, we will be opened to reading the doctors prescription in the word. Many achievements came in the form of written plans for agriculture development, architecture and surveying. His favorite shape is the straight line, not the circle. What does it profit a man if he gains a great following short essay on muhammad ali jinnah and loses his wife?

Leadership Essay 7 Free Samples, Examples, Format

expository essay on being a good leader

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