short essay on small is beautiful

at some point of time about what and how exactly they are expected to write in the essay. Try to connect your story to a broader theme or topic so your essay has more substance. Here the thing I want to emphasize is Focus on the beginning and closing of the essay. In the next post we will see how the topik evaluators marked them. So its always better to chose something simple like I want to meet an old friend/ my girl friend/ my grandma.

Just try to keep all your sentences connected and relevant, dont jump to another topic suddenly, make the transition smooth. And thats why it confuses the test takers on what and how to write the answer of such questions so that it looks correct to the evaluator. Thats better than not writing at all but reading the question a few times always makes your answer better. To write a narrative essay, start by choosing an interesting personal story from your life to write about.

Evaluating this type of questions is the most difficult task for Examiners as well. So it does not influence your marks if someone has written a really great essay with native Korean level grammar and words. Mostly OMR recognition softwares do the job. . This type of questions generally appear in the Writing section of topik. The readers of topik guide have frequently been writing to us for some guidance on the Essay part of topik Writing section. Its very easy to forget one or more points when writing. The problem is with the subjective type questions. Small and simple sentences are natural and pleasant to read. Or Do they want to test your writing skills, like how beautifully and logically you put your thought, how great your thoughts are? Is much better than.