nursing change management essay

so as to balance cost containment and improved healthcare quality (Omachonu et al, 2010). It is also an interpersonal relationship in which the leader employs styles, approaches and strategies to influence members of the group towards goal setting (Lancaster and Lancaster, 1982). The evidence based change highlighted in this assignment is relatively small, compared to some evidence based practices, such as the implementation of twelve-hour shifts for example, which was implemented on the premise that it would ensure consistency of care and give nurses more leisure time. This should involve shared views, practices and information across the professions and a commitment to developing better communications.

The plan demonstrates the unfreezing stage of Lewiss Change theory and consists on assessing the issue, reviewing the literature, and identifying eventual restraining and driving forces and the stakeholders. Leadership And Change Management Research Worksheet 2525 words - 10 pages currently has good upper management leaders; a leadership development program could assist with assessing leadership styles and skills in its Marketing and Sales departments, and lead to the development of training programs centered. Therefore, the evidence to support change can thus be derived through evaluation for hand hygiene as an individual outcome or as part of a multifaceted program. Therefore to achieve clinical effectiveness the government has introduced a framework of Clinical Governance and EBP is a critical component within this process (Haddock and McSherry, 1999). In addition to this Cutcliffe (1997) states that there is a regular requirement for those at the centre of NHS self-governing trusts to implement new health care policies. This saved money could be very well allocated in different direction such as acquiring new equipment, specialised devices, skin care products, easing the load of current staff by hiring additional staff and.

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