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any articles in historical journals? Only include whats relevant to the book youre pitching. Because it tends to be boring. Is modern day heroes essays it agents and editors? What gives you credibility? Is it your blog readers? How to write a bio if you have no publishing credits: If youre a member of a writers organization such as scbwi, acfw or asja, you can mention. A bio for a query letter: For fiction, if youre unpublished, it should be one to two sentencesabout 50 words or fewer. You can mention if youre a member of critique group or if you have a degree in literature or writing.

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Sometimes its hard to believe how difficult it can be to write about yourself in a bioafter all, youre a writer! Some tips for the process of writing a bio: Read author bios in a dozen different books. Dont say something like Ive been writing stories since I was two years old. Later you can choose the best elements to include.

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Jane Smith is a fifth grade teacher in Bellingham, Washington, and is a member of RWA. Note what you like and dont like. As you write a bio, consider carefully the purpose of the bio who is the audience? Write your bio in first person for query letters, third person for most other purposes including proposals, book jackets, article bylines. What makes you interesting? (When youre on Twitter, Facebook or your blog, what kinds of posts seem to get the most comments?) These are things you can briefly include. Trade author bios with a writer friend and help each other make them interesting. Write two or three bios of different lengths and keep them on file so that you have them ready when you need them.

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