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president, no executive agencies, no judiciary and no tax base. This enabled the United States to introduce itself to the global scene.

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Articles of Confederation Essay. Or any similar topic specifically for you. The Articles of Confederation did not provide the US with a government able to solve national and international problems due to its inability to collect money, weak government with no executive branch, and conflicts with its foreign policy. There was no strong central power with an executive branch.

Frontier lands were surveyed into the now-familiar squares of land called the township (36 square miles the section (one best american essays 2007 online square mile and the quarter section (160 acres ). This was evident during Shays Rebellion. The Declaration announced the states' entry into the international system; the model treaty was designed to establish amity and commerce with other states; and the Articles of Confederation, which established "a firm league" among the thirteen free and independent states, constituted an international agreement. Archived from the original on March 15, 2011. Congress had no authority to enforce recommendations, or to unify the states.

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