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looks for in engineers. Discuss and Raise Questions, so many experiences are ambiguous, so feel free to explain what questions you have asked yourself and why. Additionally, dont forget to proofread. (150 words maximum) This supplemental question is similarly straightforward to the last one, so your approach to writing it will likely be similar. Include Duke Example(s) (Mandatory) Start by checking out the Pratt website and researching opportunities. Supplement Essay Tips, despite its lengthy appearance, this Duke optional essay prompt is merely attempting to provide an opportunity to convey your personal uniqueness, your personal qualities that aren't entirely captured elsewhere in your application. Why did he stay in office? For example, discuss an upper-level mechanical engineering course on mechatronics that you want to take. Diversity is not relegated solely to student body demographics or race; it is characterized by the variety of thoughts, opinions, and perspectives embodied by individuals.

Is there an aspect of your current education in engineering that sparks inspiration within you? Your perspective and experience are important. You might focus on the following: Your academic interests Your community interests, and how your experience would add to the existing communities at Duke. What do I care about? Tips from Duke University, before we get into the specific questions associated with each program, Duke has some general tips for their applicants when writing the supplemental essays. These questions will help you brainstorm: If you entered a room full of people, what would you tell a stranger about your life story? Located in Durham, North Carolina, Duke University is ranked 26th in the world according. Did you have to work to support your family? The Prince of Los Cocuyos: A Miami Childhood by Richard Blanco As an exercise for brainstorming, try sitting down with a blank sheet of paper and writing detailed, specific answers to these following questions: What is definitive about my background? Which types of students would you want to connect with? Do you have inventions that youd like to share with the world?

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