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century CE) and Pollonnaruwa (12th century) where vast irrigation reservoirs were built to store water for rice cultivation (see. Trimen Hygrophila salicifolia (Wild Petunia, Ruellia) Family: Acanthaceae - Acanthus family Nil puruk - coracakkicceti, kiranti nayan- Ruellia plants, Images etc. Pearson General Knowledge Manual 2009. Lutes; Gona Kola. Image and write up Aehaela, Ehela Aragvadha- meaning "disease killer and it is used as a laxative, and in a variety of ayurvedic preparations for so-called "bllod conditions". Vitex negundo (Chaste tree) Family: Verbenaceae (Verbena family) A variant of Vitex negundo is Kalu-Nika, or black Vitex negundo. Review Benincasa hispida Alu Puhul Rasaksa? Madara 1 Picture of Indian Cleistanthus collinus (Garari) with seed The crushed leaves are used by would-be-suicides, and as a murder drug. It is said to contain: Indigofera tinctoria - Indigo (nil aevariya) Cocos nucifera - Coconut oil (Pol thel or Palm oil.

According to the 'Status of forest invasive species in Sri Lanka.D.R. Andhra Pradesh, India: Orient Longman. (April 2018) According to modern Ayurvedic sources, the origins of Ayurveda have been traced to around 6,000 BCE when they originated as an oral tradition. GK Person in New (PIN).

Blepharis repens - Samadana - - - A slender, perennial herb with prostrate, hispid-hairy, slightly branched, wiry stems; lea sessile, in a whorl, two of each whorl larger than others, oblong,.8-1.5 cm long,.3 cm broad, obtuse or rounded at apex, glabrous or slightly. There are tanning agents in the juice and the bark. Mirisa Vaetiya is an important Anuradhapura Shrine mentioned in the mahavamsa. A lot of topics that happened from 2012 upto March 2013, are already compiled in the following article ml beyond that, again Goto library, read whatever competitive magazine you get (CST, how to stay young and healthy essay paper Pratiyoigta, Chronicle, Wizard) and note down important things from diary of international events Person. Dont waste time in such details. It has also spread in forest plantations and degraded natural forests interfering with natural regeneration. The root bark is beaten up with milk and sugar, and aromatics and stimulants are sometimes added. Mugwort pollen causes hayfever and allergies.

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