how to maintain coherence in essay writing

and how paragraphs are linked together to form an essay. Example 2 For writing Indian Schools: a Nations Neglect, journalist Jill Burcum was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in the editorial writing category. Synonyms help maintain coherence by avoiding unnecessary repetition of information. This is a mistake because examples are often easier to write about than reasons. The basic argumentative strategies are: - (1) making claims - (2) offering supporting reasons and evidence -(3) handling counterarguments.

Image by BrightHubPm, how to make your essay cohesive? To be arguable, a claim must have some probability of being true; it must be arguable on grounds shared by write and readers. Reasons are the main points supporting a claim. The wording of a claim, especially its key terms, must be clear and exact. For example, these statements assert facts: Jim will be twenty-one years old on May, 6, 2010. So, this matters a lot. Each of these statements can be easily verified. You may have one or many reasons for a claim, depending on your subject and writing situation.

Ielts writing coherence and cohesion explained Coherence in writing, essay, example Graduateway Coherence and Cohesion in ielts, writing - ielts Resource Coherence : Definitions and Examples

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