how to write a visual reflection essay

he lived happily ever afterwards to the end of his days. Was there something that came easy or hit like a burst of inspiration? These neednt be facts about her identity, but rather impressions that you have of her. . Were the effects of what you did (or did not do)?4. That is where you should start your reflective essay. NOW what (modifying future outcomes)Now what1. This may seem obvious, but remember that goal is quite different from, say, an instructional painting with an obvious religious allegory or an abstract modern painting, and so the evaluation of this particular work will accordingly be different. Is your reaction what the artist intendedis the work of art successful? . Successfully reported this slideshow.

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how to write a visual reflection essay

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In this example, an essay on the well-known painting the Mona Lisa, you might conclude that the artist was trying to paint a portrait that told a story about a particular woman. Reflective Essay new, andrew Kepley, examples of student interview reflections morristont, reflective Essay samueljones2. Of course, there are! The poem that begins. Dont use first person, even though your own responses have informed your thinking so far. . Think of ways you can relate these main issues to the literature (sources). Recommendations on Composing a Visual Essay.

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