short essay on reading makes a full man

people could claim to be a citizen of the world. Reading things that hold interest encourages more reading. Thus one can be easily a Malaysian, an American and. It spread wisdom knowledge.

The World Is Flat.0: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century.
As far as Bacon was concerned, reading makes a full man, which is also my standpoint.
Bacon does not mean writing books or practice in composition.
Reading Makes A Full Man, Advantages of Reading, Benefits of Readin.
Good books are storehouses of human knowledge and wisdom.

Conversing with many people, and with many different kinds of people, will make a man, or woman, sophisticated, versatile, and adaptable to varying situations and personalities. For pleasure we read a lot in our own mother tongue and in other languages as well. Also, we get a chance to find jobs easily. Bacon's words should be taken to heart by young men who want to become public speakers. For a public speaker must have a full mind, readiness of speech, and an accurate and exact knowledge of his subject. On how to propose a thesis the other hand, it also teaches us about the great achievers of our Punjab.