very short essay on urbanisation

look older than they are, and not in a good waythey have been corroded by hot sun and humid air. But they will become more important, and suburbs will provide a variety of ways for people to make different compromises on their desiderata. Disasters and conflicts, droughts, floods, cyclones and pests can quickly wipe out large quantities of food as it grows or when it is in storage for later use. Every other billboard seems to advertise new homes. Science has made a most valuable contribution to the acquisition of knowledge and the development of a rational outlook on life. It is for statesmen, religious teachers, humanists and social reformers to give a sense of purpose to mankind. Leaving the office district, you travel through a ring of decades-old suburban houses and then, with no warning, enter a huge area of golf courses and farmland. This has made it possible for him to annihilate distances, overcome the forces of gravitation and explore outer space and undertake production on a big scale. Population and urbanisation, population growth increases the demand for food. If scepticism is the price which mankind has to pay for the truth of things, nobody can say that the price is prohibitive.

This increases the cost of all the activities associated with producing and transporting food, and decreases the food security of the poor in cities. Under the Maoist regime, they were mostly dense and organised into danweisocialist production machines composed of factories, apartments and basic services. The devastating effects of pre-war land policies on the rural people of DRC have intensified since the war. We now have factories employing lakhs of workers, industrial combines and trusts with incomes larger than the revenues of many States, big cooperative stores and stores owned and managed by private entrepreneurs, nation-wide political parties and parties of an international character. Food insecurity cannot be addressed in isolation. The machine has not only relieved man of heavy burdensome tasks, but has also provided him with ample leisure in which he can engage himself in cultural pursuits, cultivate various kinds of hobbies and travel. Those back-office jobs were soon being done even more cheaply elsewhereby outfits like TCS, in suburban Chennai, among others. To observers like Mumford, suburbs were not just unfortunate urban appendages; they were anti-urban. San Bernardino, another essentially suburban city, soon followed. At this point the argument against suburbia changed. Previously productive land may be contaminated with explosive debris and need to be cleared before it can again be used for food production. Americansespecially young Americanshave turned against the car-oriented, low-rise life, she explains.

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