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dry season by about 10 F (6 C). These children were abducted and forced to commit some of the worst atrocities of the war. Sierra Leone (country independent nation in western Africa, bounded on the north and east by Guinea, on the southeast by Liberia, and on the southwest and west by the Atlantic Ocean. Loma Mountains are crowned by, mount Loma Mansa (Mount Bintimani) at 6,391 feet (1,948 metres and the Tingi Mountains rise to 6,080 feet (1,853 metres).

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A particular "West African Handshake" is a tradition when greeting others on Sierra Leone. Swamp soils occur over large areas on the coastal plains where drainage is a problem. The torrential rains began soon after the settlers arrival. 3 a head for these escaped slaves. These liberated Africans were called recaptured slaves. The Evangelicals were morally strict, being against alcoholic beverages, swearing, overeating and lewdness. The British reached an accomodation with the Maroons in 1739; they could maintain their independence if they helped capture any newly-escaped plantation slaves. Soils In most areas the dominant soils are of the weathered and leached lateritic type. Since the legal process required slaves as evidence of guilt, the crews on the slave ships in danger of capture had an incentive to throw the slaves overboard to destroy the evidence. Sierra Leone has a tropical climate; the mean temperature in Freetown is about 27C (about 80F) in January and 26C (78F) in July. Some of the settlers left the town and worked for the slavers in the region. Sierra, leone, sebuah negara di wilayah Afrika Barat, menjadi tempat terjadinya salah satu konflik kekerasan berupa perang sipil di benua Afrika sepanjang tahun.

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