voter awareness essay in tamil

"Election Watch Group" on Friday to campaign for voter awareness ahead of the Assembly elections. It is also the responsibility of the citizen to find out where the polling booth is in their respective constituency. The Lok Sabha is the lower house of parliament in India. The theme for 2016 was Inclusive and Qualitative participation. It is a very important day for Indian democracy. While there are some who genuinely cast their vote, many people sit back and relax on voting day, and others are cajoled into voting for particular candidates.

The group also released awareness posters that"d Mahatma Gandhi on voting for a good candidate and President Kalam's" on why voters should exercise their franchise. India has more than 50 of population below the age of 35 years and a big chunk of it just turning. disclaimer, voter ID, sitemap. Exercising our right to vote upholds what our freedom fighters envisioned for India. The fault lies with both the leaders and the people. Special voter registration camps would be conducted on Sundays.

That means close to half the population does not exercise their right to vote. Though it seems like an endless sea of best friend essay in english pdf people are there to vote, every vote counts. India is a democracy with an asymmetric federal government. While everyone sits and complains about this and that, and makes suggestions that the government should change this and that, the elections come and go without half the population paying attention. Nota stands for None of the Above and this is an important vote to cast for those who arent satisfied by any of the parties standing. They appealed for resident associations to join hands. We should choose that which drives the country forward, while still upholding the Indian tradition. New voters can also register their names online by logging on to, officials said, adding that applications would be thoroughly scrutinised.

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