benefit of arranged marriage essay

Iraq, Afghanistan, Canada and India. The boys parents and relatives come to see the girls, consider their family background and make an overall assessment. In this small paper we will have an overlook over the pros and cons of e-Business. Should either spouse end up unhappy after being married a few years, it can be very tempting to blame ones parents for making an unsuitable choice. Gives Parental Control, parents and guardians are supposedly the most experienced and most knowledgeable about life in general, including love and marriage. Retrieved February 17, 2014, from bate. Even people who pledge allegiance to the Islamic faith know that marrying an individual is possible only if they both like each other. Feeling of Alienation, since everyone but you are hands on your wedding, you may feel that it is not your wedding at all. I believe that there will be a judgement day and that there is a being that is bigger than any. Interference from extended family, while there are benefits to having ones extended family close by who can offer support when needed, this proximity has pitfalls. The engagement may take place either in temple or at the girls residence or in any place suitable to both the parties.

benefit of arranged marriage essay

We will write a custom essay sample on Advantages of Arranged Marriages specifically for. Arranged marriage is a marriage between a man and a woman under the selected. F irstly, There are so many benefits for the couple if their parent arrange and select. Download the full document; Access 170,000 other essays; Get writing.

For some people, the getting-to-know-you stage is critical at choosing a lifetime partner. It takes time to trust and love a person as deeply as husbands and wives in a loving typed essay rubric relationship. Contrary to popular belief, Muslims believe that the happiness of both spouses is of paramount importance. An arranged marriage closely follows age-old tradition and values, so it brings you closer to your roots. They exchange gifts like dress, gold ornaments and sweets as a token of love and friendship between the two families. m, ml (accessed October 08, 2018).

M, (December 31, 1969). Same Sex Marriages Pros And Cons 803 words - 3 pages same sex marriage topic by saying that I can not take a particular side. The new married couple does not have a hard time embracing and adopting the parenting style of their parents. They are taken proper care of and receive a lot love and affection from their grandparents even when their parents are away. It is also assumed that your parents substantially like your spouse-to-be having chosen him or her for you. List of Disadvantages of Arranged Marriage. Retrivied September 27, 2013. (6) Last but not the least if the marital relations of the young couple becomes unsuccessful, the parents may be blamed.

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