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It is divided into three sections, or canticles: Inferno (Hell Purgatorio phaedra essays (Purgatory and, paradiso (Heaven). The purgatory section deals with the seven deadly sins and Dantes task of cleansing himself on his journey to heaven. Make an Order with 15OFF, it is possible that Dante drew his inspiration from a biblical passage prophesied by Jeremiah. In his famous Epistle to Cangrande, in which he dedicates the Paradiso to that Veronese nobleman, Dante sheds light on many aspects of his poem. We can never compromise on that. His comedy, rich as it was in multilayered medieval allegory, set fire to the then radically modern idea that literature works meant primarily to be read rather than retold or enacted could be made both accessible and popular. An angel directed them to pass through a huge wall of flames; on the other side they would find Beatrice. He lived in politically tumultuous times and was active in his citys government. Dante represents the minority of the society,. The plot is set up in 1300, around the time Dante was in exile from his native Florence. Among multiple examples in the poem, the pilgrim is initially blocked on his path by three beasts, has three guides, spends three nights in Purgatory, and has three dreams there.

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