uses and abuses of leisure time essay

here click here click here. In the second article about casinos, most. Or indoor games like chess, carom, etc. It could be used for consumption of harmful substances such as drugs, liquor, smoking, etc. 1 page, 412 words, what is this life if full of care, We have no time to stand and stare.

Some people spend this time in stamp collection or coin collection as well. It provides respite from the hectic schedule of daily routine.

uses and abuses of leisure time essay

This poem is a reminder that amidst the hustle and bustle of our busy life weFree Essays on The Uses And Abuses Of Leisure Time.
Leisure means free time away from routine work, which can be spent doing activities of hobbies, which one likes to do like reading, hearing music, collecting stamps, gardening.
Some misunderstand the meaning of leisure.

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We must use it rightly Leisure means. Davies has rightly said that if we do not have leisure to do things we want to then life be boring, monotonous and dull. They explained here that. Housewives, for example, use their leisure time in making their delicacies or sweets or sewing, or reading; children normally spend their leisure time reading or doing some useful craft articles or experimenting some scientific experiment or playing healthy outdoor games like cricket, foot ball, etc. Leisure activities should not be expensive and time consuming. Leisure means a time in which person does not do his regular work. It should suit our resources, time and temperament. Reading and viewing.V.

What you do for your leisure? It broadens our outlook. It is a good source of both knowledge and learning. Drawing, painting, walking brings one in close contact with nature.