biographies and autobiographies of famous people

games and sports, these individuals have created history by their work. Mother Teresa ( ) Macedonian Catholic missionary nun. Emile Zatopek ( ) Czech athlete Lech Walesa (1943 ) Polish leader of Solidarity movement Julie Andrews (1935 ) British singer, actress Florence Nightingale ( ) British nurse Marie Curie ( ) Polish / French scientist Stephen Hawking (1942 ) British scientist Tim Berners Lee (1955 florida bar essay criminal jury instructions ) English creator. Angelina Jolie (1975 ) Actress, director, humanitarian Jesse Owens ( ) US track athlete, 1936 Olympics Ernest Hemingway ( ) American author John Lennon ( ) British musician, member of the Beatles Henry Ford ( ) US Industrialist Haile Selassie ( ) Emperor of Ethiopia Joseph Stalin (. Winston Churchill ( ) British Prime Minister during wwii. Famous People Through History Famous by Nationality Citation: Pettinger, Tejvan.

biographies and autobiographies of famous people

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Women who changed the world Famous women who changed the world. Pope John Paul II ( ) Polish Pope Thomas Edison ( ) American inventor Rosa Parks ( ) American civil rights activist Aung San Suu Kyi (1945 ) Burmese opposition leader Lyndon Johnson ( ) US President Ludwig Beethoven ( ) German composer Oprah Winfrey. Singer / reggae legend, brad Pitt, actor. Tolkien ( ) British author Billie Jean King (1943 ) American tennis player and human rights activist Anne Frank ( ) Dutch Jewish author who died in Holocaust More famous people Simon Bolivar ( ) Venezuelan independence activist in South America. Pope Francis (1936 ) First pope from the Americas.

Biographies and autobiographies of famous people
biographies and autobiographies of famous people

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