argumentative essay on cell phones and driving

car. Others cant even drive with the radio on; its too much of a distraction. State officials need to really think about their opposals before submitting them because they think only of one main point, but dont take into account all the other smaller points that are basically the same. These will attract your attention more than the road will, causing you to be a hazard to others. Also, the use of hands-free devices is somewhat helpful.

Argumentative essay on cell phones and driving
argumentative essay on cell phones and driving

Concluding, if people don't give up cell-phones the number of fatalities on the roads will still increase. With pedestrians here they are just a little bit different, they walk across the street looking at their phone, or talking without a care in the world, like they are invincible to any danger around them. They do not guarantee complete safety while driving, but they do allow you to have both hands on the wheel which is important. Many states have proposed laws varying in severity that would ban or restrict the use of cell phones in motor vehicles. I see it almost everyday, at least one driver with a phone to their ear. Sure it has good intentions, but realistically, not many people will abide by the laws. Any ideas on how to expand it some more? Lawmakers want to impose laws banning or greatly limiting the use of cell phones while on the road. Cellphones: The New DUI - 814 Words driving should be fined as harshly as one caught driving with no seatbelts in use or even Driving under the influence. You should also have your phone within easy reach so you dont have to scramble around looking for it causing you to take your eyes off the road. The same is true for pedestrians who talk on their cell phones. I think there shouldnt be any laws concerning the limitation of cell phone use while driving.

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