essay on importance of fine arts

has been studied. Knowledge of creating an art piece or performance arms us with a perspective we can apply to michael moore essay pdf other encounters. The study of fine arts is also seen to be important in developing motivation, awareness, self belief and joint effort. Usually, the idea of art recalls images of grand, undecipherable paintings hung in lofty galleries, being admired by a motley group of elegant elites in high heels and pince-nez. Arts have been able to go to greater heights since most individuals have realized its importance. Its peaceful, all art brings peace and tranquility in its own way. There is much more to say about importance of art in our life and this post needs your feedback to be completed and significant. Lets us understand what exactly an art is!

It can only make us to be conscious of the reality of the problems that we face in life. Whatever your age or career knowledge of arts can have tremendous benefits for you. It is not easy to live with bottled up feelings that find no outlet. Advertisements: These benefits notwithstanding art is generally perceived as an idle pursuit and for many years schools did not have art education in their curriculum, today that trend is changing and arts is now being taught widely, but we are reminded of old perceptions when. The classes in elementary level have different sizes and contain students with different gifts interests and wishes. Clarifying the Teachers Problems. Thats the magic of art! According to Michael Posner of University of Oregon the arts has a role in growth of concentration in an individual.

Fine arts on the other hand play a major role in doing away with the gap that exists in children in society. Knowing that we can let our feelings out at the end of the day keeps us grounded in moments of stress. By so doing he or she will be able to keep and improve individual learning. FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on Fine arts specifically for you. And this has broader implications too; psychologists across the world probe the journals and artworks of their patients to get a glimpse into their psyche. Arts should therefore be incorporated to other subjects to ensure its effectiveness. Helps you understanding different cultures: Let talk about music, though it has beautiful lyrics but it does not matter as if you still enjoy listening music and songs of different languages and cultures. An artistic person is generally more sensitive and sympathetic, and is in turn a better team player and better human being in general. In this article, let us see the different ways in which art impacts us every day. A study conducted has discovered the role of fine arts for the development of students in elementary school level of study. Technology education has turned out to be the latest version of what used to be vocational education. They also offer various degree programs (Bresler, 2007).

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