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dogs after they have been placed in a home. Even though gerbils are by nature very fidgety and restless, it is essential that you allow it to become accustomed to your touch. The main thing is that you have to gradually win over its trust. 7, a study conducted by the United States National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy (ncppsp) in 1998 found that the main reasons for pets being relinquished are: family moving, landlord will not allow pets, too many animals in household, cost of keeping the. Always place your hand next to it and scoop it up, when its nicely and comfortably seated in your palm. Try to rev up the fun"ent of your gerbils enclosure by making a maze out of cardboard, with various levels, twists and turns thrown in to provide them with mental and physical stimulation. First of all, allow the gerbil to discover you. Give the gerbil something to chew on as they need to keep their ever growing teeth trimmed and in proper shape. No one is replaceable but companionship is something which may be found in the quirkiest of animals. Archived from the original on March 12, 2016.

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Sometimes you will want to open the enclosure and allow the gerbil to play outside. Sit close to the cage or move about gently, allowing the gerbil to register your looks and your voice. Since 1964, the popularity of gerbils as household pets has constantly been on the rise. "Shelter Intake and Surrender". It has its inherent hassles of feeding, sanitizing and moreover, a dog is expensive to keep. However not all of us can afford to keep a dog as our pet.

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