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They would assign unbelievable amounts of reading and paperwork and then be smug if you got a question wrong that was hidden in the pile of information they gave you. I do not mean to say to plan only to study 8/10 topics, I mean to say that if you only get 8/10 studied, respect your boundaries and give yourself some room to be human. You will write many of these. Each semester is going to give new challenges but the first semester is the most shocking to endure. LPN vs RN and ADN vs BSN: This is a personal preference. Most times, nursing school advice says that you will be non-existent to your family and even though that is true, I still had someone to pick me up, cheer me on, and push me to the finish line. Hire a tutor, make games out. How Hard is Nursing School.

Pack healthy meals, meal prep, be conscious of your calorie intake. One of the girls in my cohort paid for most of her school this way so I know it can be done. You are about troy maxson fences death analysis essay to be responsible for peoples lives, you better be prepared! You take the test and a few days later will find out if you passed or not. Clinicals, clinical paperwork, care plans, simulation labs, skills check off. They expect you to already know the anatomy and physiology so if you dont you will struggle.

 I was NOT good at this while in nursing school. If possible, create a typed outline of what you are reading and put bare bones information in it, then when you go to lecture you can add.

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