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critic. A b Fishman, Solomon (1963). Turner from dissertation editing service uk his critics, who charged Turner with being unfaithful to nature. 16 One of the great critics of the 19th century was John Ruskin. 72 Clement Greenberg proclaimed Abstract Expressionism and Jackson Pollock in particular as the epitome of aesthetic value.

Berkeley: University of California Press. Other people, such as British comedian/satirist Craig Brown, have been astonished that decorative 'wallpaper essentially brainless, could gain such a position in art history alongside Giotto, Titian and Velázquez. 53 There were also a few artists with a literary background, among them Robert Motherwell and Barnett Newman who functioned as critics as well. Retrieved 12 December 2013. Fry introduced post-impressionism to the country, and Bell was one of the founders of the formalist approach to art. Art can stand-alone with an instantaneous judgment or can be viewed with a deeper more educated knowledge. 323 isbn a b c d e Ackerman, James.