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However, in Britain, the issue of the European Union serves to divide the parties internally and leads Continue Reading The First Political Parties Essay 2263 Words 10 Pages Today, political parties can be seen throughout everyday life, prevalent in various activities such as watching television. The current existence of political parties in America is a hindrance to effective representation of the people. Each and every activity of the group will not be political, its nature will be political only when the group will try to mould the government through any agency or organ of the government;. It must at the same time be a patterned process instead of a static form;.

In democratic countries, political parties compete against one another in elections to keep or gain. Example of a Compare and Contrast essay on Law about. The United States is well-known for its two-party political system, where Republicans constantly compete with.

More importantly, the opposition, having the prospect of coming to power, plays a dignified role in a bi-party system. Gettel, a political party is a group of citizens more or less organised, who act as a political unit and who by the use of their political power aim at controlling the government and carrying out its general policies. (ii) It Educates Public Opinion: Through propaganda the political parties educate public opinion.

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A political party is an association of people who come together on a common platform with the objective of contesting ku college application essay elections. The means of capturing such powers must also be peaceful and lawful. It may be necessary to hold a fresh election to clinch the issue. Who would do this important public role if there is no opposition? It creates rule of the minority over the majority: In a many party system no party may attain absolute majority or may represent the majority of the voters. After 1989, partisan life in Jordan has embarked on a new stage marked by political openess and the expansion of opportunities for participation in all their various political and social forms. Most modern democracies are representative democracies. So the party spirit encourages false-hood and immorality.