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Space Stations construction. Intellectual courage is the disposition to question beliefs about which we feel strongly. It includes detailed transcripts of relevant team interactions (meetings, presentations, email) during the months leading to the accident. You will also be asked to apply them - in some cases, reinterpret them - in new contexts and situations). Suitability - Suitability applies largely to our written and oral communications, seeking to be fitting, appropriate, or suited to the purpose. A technical report might mention the time of day and phase of the moon at which the test was conducted. This paper omits findings pertaining exclusively to the undergraduate setting. The eight elements, and their use in analyzing a document, were introduced by asking students to write out the purpose, point of view, data, etc. Intellectual integrity consists in holding ourselves to the same intellectual standards you expect others to honor (no double standards). Pauls model suggests broad classes (genera) of questions that critically thinking teams and team-members will ask themselves.

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Additionally, the failures of complex systems are commonly traced to the complex interaction of many cultural and technological features surrounding that system. Relevance A statement can be clear, accurate, and precise, but not relevant to the question at issue. When the team learned that the Mission Management Team was not pursuing on-orbit imaging, members were concerned. This answer uses the principle that supporters of Net Neutrality used and shows how the principle can also be used to argue against Net Neutrality, thereby seriously weakening in argumentative essay what is body paragraph the supporters' argument. It was not intended for large projectiles like those observed on STS-107.

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