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data in the United Kingdom show that high- achieving graduates judge the environmental performance and reputation of a company as a criterion for decision-making when applying for jobs. The relationship facilitates motivation and morale of the employees as well as, increases the productivity. Allied Signal Inc., who include a Total Waste Minimization (TWM) component into their training. Inform the employees about the green procedures and policies.

Successfully reported this slideshow. Employee participation in Green initiatives increases the chances of better green management as it aligns employees goals, capabilities, motivations, and perceptions with green management practices and systems. Doi:.1002/csr.251 CrossRef Google Scholar Ramus,.: Employee empowerment at GE Plastics Europe: an example of a successful environmental change process. Today E-business and learning have changed the methods and procedures at offices converting them into paperless offices. 15 (4 666681 (1990) Google Scholar Wagner,., Schaltegger,., church research paper Wehrmeyer,.: The relationship between the environmental and economic performance of firms. We propose that keeping the policies in place, long-term trust among the management and employees will be built which will provide an opportunity to the employees to express their personal ideas at workplace and help to create climate conducive to green management practices and systems. 15, 6794 (2005 crossRef, google Scholar, buciuniene,., Kazlauskaite,.: The linkage between HRM, CSR and performance outcomes. 16 (3 167183 (2009) CrossRef Google Scholar Spreitzer,.M.: Psychological empowerment in the workplace: dimensions, measurement, and validation.

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