renewable and nonrenewable energy essay

be possible. An Introduction to Solar Energy, accessed 9/15/03 @. Small scale mining is equally devastating to the environment, if not more. Just as coal is sought for its properties and use, oil is also a strong non-renewable energy source. This is accomplished in two steps: Bacteria of the genus Nitrosomonas oxidize NH3 to nitrites (NO2รข). Many people have supported the use of renewable energy, but have not thought of the negative effects it can bring to society if it were to completely replace non-renewable energy sources. Bituminous is the most common type and is soft coal. We need to stop taking advantage of it and start finding new ways to produce energy. Coal has been used as a power source since the dawn of the industrial revolution. Another non-renewable energy source was expected to a clean and cheap alternative but lacked support. Cloud cover also affects greenhouse warming by both reducing the amount of solar radiation reaching the earths surface and by reducing the amount of radiation energy emitted into space.

Non-renewable energy sources, fossil fuels, is highly sought for being the cheapest alternative other energy, but many disadvantages exists with its use. South Africas wealth has been built on the countrys vast resources nearly 90 of the platinum metals on Earth, 80 of the manganese, 73 of the chrome, 45 of the vanadium and 41 of the gold. "Renewable And Non Renewable Energy Sources.". Surface layers of rock and sediments are removed so that the deeper gold rich layers can be reached. The gravel, mud, and rocks go through the tailings (pipes) and any gold fragments are collected on felt mats.

Coal: Coal is what is known as a fossil fuel. Renewable vs Nonrenewable Resources, the United States has 4 of the world's people, but as a country consumes 25 of the world's oil. With more knowledge on this growing field of technology we can advance the company and become more aware of alternate solutions to the growing nonrenewable energy cost. Produces radioactive waste which needs. It is a product by incomplete combustion of fuel such as natural gas, coal or wood. Many industrial companies produce tons of carbon dioxide and sulfur oxide into the atmosphere causing a greenhouse effect. Nuclear power, non-renewable, tidal power, renewable, hydroelectric power. More and more industries are building up in the world. Powerful Essays 976 words (2.8 pages) - The energy that is used today comes from fossil fuels, which is a nonrenewable limited resource that will eventually be used.

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