should advertising directed at children be restricted essay

it, they will be unable to pay attention to their surroundings. No, they should NOT be restricted! How much of an impact do you feel commercials have on children? Do you think adults always make a right decision? A substantial proportion of children, particularly those below age 8, express little or no comprehension of the persuasive intent of commercials. 1 1 2 3, why Children Are Affected, before a certain age, children can't tell the difference between commercials and programs and they don't know the intent of commercials. Advertisements aimed at children can be banned but the advertisements of children products cannot be banned. Transcript of Should Advertising Directed at Children be Restricted? Children are more easily manipulated because of their lack of understanding.

30, 6 *Leads to the consumption of products that can harm children. Advertising serves a purpose. And it is the parents and teachers who teach them to differentiate between right and wrong. I personally go along with the idea that it should be banned for the following reasons. Younger children who are unaware of the persuasive intent of television advertising tend to express greater belief in commercials and a higher frequency of purchase requests. So, legally no one has the right to ban the ads. Children lack maturity and judgment. Government policies, questions, yes, they should be restricted! Some of them are of the belief that advertisements which aimed at children are beneficial for them. Government Policies time regulations program-commercial separation explanation of overages From the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) No, they should NOT be restricted!

It makes them more demanding. 7, 24 2 Clifford, Leads to spending more money. Should Advertising Directed at Children be Restricted? The power of advertising cannot be denied by anyone.