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tragedy of their story, though, would eventually inspire a work of art so powerful that the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s is considered by some to have been born from it (Margolick 92). A goal for an artist named Billie Holiday was to make America listen to the cries of a black man, a black man who was just lynched. Billie Holiday believed Jazz music had to defend the black people. The sounds and rhythms are extremely unique and colorful. White people enjoyed lynching blacks all together. Strange, fruit is formed by three short verses. "The Strange Life of Strange Fruit". It could be the text itself so visualizing and dramatic, or the music that adds an even more haunting effect.

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Strange Fruit : Anniversary Of A Lynching : NPR. Strange, fruit is the music that was composed to reflect the society and culture of that time. Retrieved August 15, 2013. Throughout the movement, the stress on seeing no evil and hearing no evil at this time was strongly enforced. In fluorescent rooms, jim thesis adjust the sound (can you hear me? strange Fruit " is a song performed most famously.

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