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it rains. SDG 14, Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development, provides a focus for ongoing action on marine plastic pollution. We need to get this problem under control, as it will only become worse as the human population increases. It could be modelled on the successful Montreal Protocol addressing ozone-depleting substances that saw replacement of chlorofluorocarbons and an increasing public awareness of the problem. The majority ends up in landfill or, in the worst case scenario, our oceans. We live in a world of plastic. Most plastics do not break down chemically. Ship-sourced disposal of plastics is prohibited under the marpol convention for vessels flagged to parties to this convention in both exclusive economic zones and waters beyond national jurisdiction. Land-based sources of pollution entering the marine environment, which are by far the main source of marine plastic pollution, need similar monitoring and control by states.

The use of plastics is so ingrained in society that it is all but impossible to eliminate them completely. A Plastic Ocean is a documentary film directed by the Australian journalist Craig Leeson. In August 1997, after a regatta in Honolulu Capitan Charles Moore, today is scientific and researcher, decided to safe time and sailed straight to California through the North Pacific Gyre, a giant watery desert without any wind. Marine pollution has long been recognised as a threat and a catalyst for ongoing developments in ocean governance. The film does, however, offer various strategies that can be implemented to reduce the impact of plastics.

Free Essay: Water pollution has had devastating effects on the environment, which include irreversible effects to the oceans ecosystem. Free Essay: Plastic and The Ocean Could Alexander Parkers, the German chemist-scie ntist, expect that his great invention of plastic in 1862 will turn. A new documentary highlights the plight of marine animals living a mong the estimated 5 trillion pieces of plastic rubbish generated by humans.

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We produce hundreds of millions of tonnes of plastic every year and production is only increasing. Their chemical structure gives them many advantages. They can be molded into almost any shape. Ideally, avoid plastic-containing products as much as possible. Only a small proportion of plastic is recycled. Their chemical structure gives them a lot of advantages: Theyre cheap and easy to manufacture, lightweight, water-resistant, durable, and can be molded into nearly any shape. Shopping bags, drink bottles, your toothbrush and even your clothes are among the everyday items made from plastic.

Microplastics are derived either from small particles developed for specific applications, or produced through the breakdown of larger items. The president of the assembly noted that the results will provide us with concrete solutions to achieve our aspirations. This in turn links back to appropriate and effective government regulation, particularly addressing the management of single use plastics and micro-sized and nano-sized plastic particles. The enforcement of marpol provisions needs strong monitoring, control and surveillance systems to ensure effective compliance, a key role for the flag state of vessels, from the smallest fishing vessel to large supertankers. An international agreement to address marine plastics could be pursued in a similar manner, but necessarily in a more integrated and broad-based approach than that attempted in the late 1960s. 831 Words 4 Pages, plastic and The Ocean, could Alexander Parkers, the German chemist-scientist, expect that his great invention of plastic in 1862 will turn nowadays as an ecological catastrophe? In 1967, calls for a refocus on the common heritage of the worlds seas and oceans led to concerted and revolutionary action by the world community to address concerns and challenges. For the first time, the United Nations Environment Assembly deliberations included the adoption of a Ministerial Declaration by consensus.