photo essay on global warming

Patterson says he learned of the 1,500-year research paper on tattoos infection climate cycle while studying cycles in fish numbers on Canada's West Coast. Somerville says that just as people criticize meteorologists when weather predictions are wrong, some global warming skeptics denounce climate models as uselessand he insists that is not true. The simplest models can be run on personal computers, and are designed to focus on one particular time frame, or to investigate a specific phenomenon. We know this because we made the chart. The fellow who takes a daily temperature reading or measures the snow depth with a stick could call himself a "Climate Scientist" as much as the person tending the boiler in the basement could call himself a "Stationary Engineer". .

Modest Global Warming, at least up until 1998 when a cooling trend began, has been real. The percentage absorption of all three lines combined can be very generously estimated at about 8 of the whole IR spectrum, which means that 92 of the "heat" passes right through without being absorbed by CO2. . And we just may be, as hard as we may try to avoid. .

In our own research, we uncovered some "data" in which a CO2 curve from an ice core study was conveniently moved some 83 years down the time scale, so the desired "results" could be obtained. . The battle now seems to have settled down as a war between two major information sources. . And, since the other components of the atmosphere (oxygen, nitrogen, and water vapor) aren't materially affected by human activity, the "greenhouse effect" is essentially a totally natural phenomenon, unaffected by human activity. . As long as you can say you are doing it for the children). We would say they have a strong correlation, and with a little mathematics, we could compare each one point-by-point on the graph and come up with a number that would tell us just how well they match each other, called a correlation coefficient. . Editors Note: We have an even better offer: For every 10 bucks you send us, we will hold our breath for one full minute before exhaling the CO2 into the atmosphere. . Climate models have evolved from the same sort of computer programs that are used to make weather forecasts. Let's break for a minute, and point out that "Climate Science" is a catch-all term, like "Sports". . That will buy a lot of SUV's, jets, and large mansions with mega-electric bills. . There have been major declines in populations of Alaskan salmon and other types of fish, as well as seabirds and marine mammals, and some scientists believe this is a direct result of the depleting supply of phytoplankton. This is known as the "urban heat island" effect. .

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