essay about intelligent home

It is up to you to decide whether you need it or not, whether you can afford and handle. Check out the latest smart home devices on Amazon. Users can connect to the air conditioner with any Internet capable device such as a PC, PDA, or cell phone and schedule a start or shutdown time. As higher resolution televisions become more popular in people's homes, more interactive content will become available. House System has been available since early 1993. The dissertations on enrichment clusters air conditioner can even self adjust to keep the house or room cool depending on the amount of people in the home. Smart home technology is currently being developed and implemented for all rooms in the house, in particular the kitchen and the living room.

Toilets will have self-clean capabilities and will be able to adjust flush settings depending on the amount of matter in them. For the correct functioning of smart home the most important is interconnection of all the components. All these devices will be able to notify consumers when there is a malfunction or when some type of service is needed. In course of time many other writers followed the same idea and smart homes started to appear in many novels and short stories, and later in the movies.

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The US received this rating because the current grid is outdated and inefficient compared to what is available. Other technologies such as DSL, Bluetooth, and wireless will also be used (Barthold). These segments includes professionals, baby boomers in the move up markets, empty nesters, young middle- class, two - income families, the aging, and all who are energy conscious and technologically astute. All that would need to happen is for someone to pick up the groceries. In conclusion, smart house System will be the new trend of the home construction in the following decades. The ability to watch sports at any angle the consumer wants is something that will be seen in the future. Then, the home owner can create some house modes that are preprogrammed settings that allow home owners to activate a sequence of events with a single action. All smart house controls are designed to be simple and easy to use. Consumers can currently set a schedule for the coffee maker to start brewing. The ability to shop, gamble, and interact with the television becomes available because of smart home technologies.