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done in the twinkling of an eye. The speedy means of communication help the administrators in brining in the critical and violent situation under control. The horrible scenes of war, the miserable conditions of people after war and the scenes of destruction can be depicted on the screen. Science is a vast field.

Essay on Science for Children and Students Essay on Wonders of Science for Children and Students Essay on Science in Everyday Life Complete Essay for Class Essay on Science and Peace Complete Essay for Class 10, Class

Smart Watches Smart watches have been in the market for quite some time. However, write a book review for kids there have been two great attempts for maintaining peace in the world. Railways, steam ships and aeroplanes make it easy to send troops and food supplies to distant places in a short time. These inventions have made communication easier and brought the world closer. The Creation of World Many conservative Christians believe that God created the world in six days sometime between 40 BCE.

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