divorce essays conclusion

only the man could initiate a divorce. A marriage contracted prior to conversion must still be honored by a spouse who afterward becomes a Christian (1 Cor.7:12-13). This argument still does not address the question of why suffering exists in the first place.

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divorce essays conclusion

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We may most reliably settle the divorce/ remarriage dilemma by discovering what it is in the character of God that makes this matter a moral concern to Him, causing Him to issue forth whatever decrees exist on the subject. The believer is to be regarded as not under bondage to this marriage if a) the unbeliever is not content to dwell with the believer, or b) the unbeliever abandons the marriage. This alone, it is suggested, constitutes grounds for divorce. Must Spouse B permanently abandon the illegitimate second marriage and wait indefinitely for Spouse A to repent? Even as early as the 1950's, television producers made programming that would represent what exactly the ideal American family was. Likewise, according to Jesus Christ, a faithful spouse can become free of the covenant obligations to a spouse who has treacherously broken covenant by what Jesus called fornication (more on that later).

At one extreme, there are those set for the defense of the institution of marriage (.a first marriage, that is) to the point of being willing to sacrifice compassion even for those who have divorced for arguably biblical reasons and those who have suffered. A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament, Arndt-Bauer-Gingrich:.prostitution, unchastity, fornication, of every kind of unlawful sexual intercourse. It may be safely assumed that the spouse thus cheated would not have entered the marriage in the first place, and thus may have had other opportunities to marry more happily, had not both parties taken each others honesty for granted at the altar.