what is a blueprint in an essay

blueprint were: The scope and purpose of assessment was defined; the weightage to be given to content areas, domains of learning and methods of assessment was decided. The list of topics you plan to address in the body of your paper is important, but Im using letters so that you can focus more closely on the structures that link those ideas. The thesis statement has 3 main parts: the limited subject, the precise opinion, and the blueprint.Hochstein, Jordan, and Jerz Thesis Reminders A thesis reminder is a direct echo of the thesis statement. Personal essays and reflection papers may require no sources other than the authors opinions and personal experiences, but a college research paper will require deep engagement with outside sources. The blueprint is very short just a list of three terms; but even that is enough to communicate how the rest of the paper will work. Also note in the examples above that following each Roman Numeral, capitalized letter, Arabic numeral, and lowercase letter, youll insert a period and one space. A thesis reminder is a direct echo of the thesis statement, used as a transition between supporting points. Current scenario of assessment: Students response many times after written examinations.

What is a blueprint in an essay
what is a blueprint in an essay

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The following revision introduces just the three main points that drive the rest of the paper. Describe a challenging life event.) Include important personal details. In a short paper, the topic sentence of each paragraph should repeat words or phrases from the thesis statement. Two parameters were considered while calculating this weightage: (i) The perceived impact/importance of a topic in terms of its impact on health, and (ii) The frequency of the occurrence of a particular disease or health problem; the total weightage and number of items. Financial support and sponsorship Nil. And it permits students to budget their time. If you are composing a longer research paper, simply add Roman numerals to follow your main points: topic: THE college application process,. The sentence could easily confuse the reader, because the main focus is unclear. The drawing to be copied, drawn voting essay on translucent paper, is placed against paper sensitized with a mixture of ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide. Conclusions: Students were satisfied as blueprinting helped them to attempt examination better. And it forces students to learn time management a skill that many college students lack. Visit and evaluate college websites.) Look for interesting classes.) Note important statistics,.

Blueprinting: Using the Thesis Paragraph to Plan Your Essay Jerz

what is a blueprint in an essay