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Of Chicago, 1882 p304. This course examines theories concerning spatio-temporal processes and patterns, populations, communities, ecosystems, biodiversity, disturbance, succession, speciation and conservation. The mechanism of garlic's antihypercholesterolaemic and antihyperlipidaemic activity appears to involve the inhibition of hepatic hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA (HMG-CoA) reductase and remodelling of plasma lipoproteins and cell membranes ( 67 ).

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General Chemistry 2 (CHM 2046) 3 credits Prerequisite: CHM 2045; Corequisite: CHM 2046L An introduction to chemical principles including atomic structure, chemical bonding, kinetics, thermodynamics and properties of the elements. Grading: S/U Environmental Science Colloquium Series (EVS 6920) 1 credit Environmental Science students attend colloquia presented by faculty, professional environmental scientists and advanced graduate students. Current Issues in Social Psychology (SYP 4002) 3 credits Prerequisites: SOP 3004 and either PSY 3234 or PSY 3213 An in-depth examination of a current topic or issue in social psychology such as health, illness, law, aggression and others. Human Morphology and Function 1 Laboratory (PCB 3703L) 1 credit Prerequisites: BSC 1010, 1010L, 1011, 1011L, CHM 2210, 2211; Corequisite: PCB 3703 Laboratory exercises illustrating principles presented in PCB 3703, considering the anatomy and physiology of the human skeletal, muscle, and nervous systems. Honors Advanced Physiology (PCB 4937C) 1 credit Prerequisite: Permission of instructor This course is designed for the preprofessional student planning admission into graduate clinical programs. Graph Theory (MAD 6307) 3 credits Prerequisite: MAS 4107 or MAS 5311 A first graduate course in theory and applications of graphs, including basic properties, algorithms, matchings, network flows, connectivity, colorings, planarity, vector spaces, and polynomials associated with a graph. 20 Thomson's system, however, was still well received by people like William Renwick Riddell in Canada; 21 his main work passing through 13 editions, and also finding German advocates who translated his main work into the German language. Iterations and Technology for Teachers of Middle Grades (MAE 6323) 3 credits Topics in applying technology to iterations selected for their relevance to the middle grades and Sunshine learn to write books State Standards. System planning and implementation issues in applying GIS in diverse areas. Introductory Combinatorics (MAD 5202) 3 credits Prerequisites: MAC 2313 and MAD 2104 or permission of instructor An introductory course in combinatorics; graphs and networks, enumeration, lattices, designs, codes, applications, and proof techniques.