the crucible by arthur miller essay

did to her. If the Governor were Mathers creature this would only speak for Mather. It must be added that the Mathers were the first to publicly question the methods of the court. The latter, according to Miller, could have been saved from execution if he had frankenstein loneliness thesis been able to prove that he was an adulterer. If Miller had read the contemporary records, as he professes, he must know that adultery was seen by the English law prevalent in Massachusetts as more grevous than witchcraft. I'm even more troubled by the fact that I haven't seen anyone else bring up what bothers me about this play. This is a far surer way than Millers deceitful dramatizations.

One of Cottons methods was get the girl to read good books. One is tempted to believe that such writers were more superstitious than the seventeenth century people whom they professed to depict. Present day New Englanders are very proud of their pioneer ancestors. Have you ever stopped to think about all of those physic predictions that so many have made? The only possible answer to Pauls question, Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? It would have been very strange, we are told, if Mather, with his reputation for managing everything, had not been present at the trials. When Calf wrote libellously against another minister, Samuel Willard, he was told that the only answer he would get was Proverbs 26:4 which reads Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.

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The judges at the trials looked on the Mathers as being too progressive, too moderate and too lenient. The records show that the Mathers made themselves unpopular by condemning torture as a means of obtaining evidence. Spectrum, a magazine for Christian teachers. He still had not been called to a church of his own. Most of the initial accusations concerning witchcraft had come from young girls, women and slaves. At least two witnesses must be in agreement about any evidence given, he maintained.