short essay on christmas in hindi language

global festival, crossing all barriers of faiths, religions, and borders. Christmas comes every year on 25 December. Short Essay on 'Christmas Tree' in Hindi 'Christmas Vriksh' par Nibandh (228 Words), ' ' ' ', Short Essay on 'Christmas Tree' in Hindi 'Christmas Vriksh' par Nibandh (228 Words). 10 Lines Essay, Speech, Paragraph on Christmas for Kids. Christmas is festival lights, gift, cookies. Children enjoy decorating Christmas tree with stars, different colored ornaments, and lights. I help my brother to decorate our home.

I and my family celebrate our home with lights and candles. If urbanization essay in hindi you are looking for Hindi version then kindly scroll down. Post a Comment, newer Post, older Post, home. Originally, people used to use evergreen coniferous tree branches as Christmas tree. I wish Merry Christmas to all my friends and In the evening we pray to Jesus. In next section, we have given 15 to 20 lines short essay, speech on Christmas. You may also like to know. Christmas is around the corner and like every ever one homework that school kids get is to write 10 lines about Christmas festival. We make cookies and invite friends for a treat. Christmas tree is decorated with lights and ornaments.

I gave candies to all my friends. One can also use this information to write paragraph too.