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the book, I went to see a Royal Shakespeare Company stage version at the Barbican Theatre in London. As Ella puts it: "Nollop is not God. Nevertheless this is a very readable and accomplished work, full of period detail, including gruesome reminders of how precarious life was with plague suddenly taking lives and how so-called heretics - such as those who read the 'wrong' Bible - were tortured before being hanged. The principal one is the servant first in Wuthering Heights, then in Thrushcross Grange, and finally back at the Heights, Nelly Dean. "A Thousand Splendid Suns" by Khaled Hosseini No sooner had I finished Hosseini's first novel "The Kite Runner" than I had to read this his second. Vaze - a Londoner currently based in Hong Kong - is a self-confessed policy wonk with a passion for the environment and he has written an impressive first work of fiction with intriguing thoughts on the future of education and energy supply and the roles. He reminds us that, as well as leading the ussr ill-prepared into a war that killed 30 million Soviet citizens, Stalin created a terror of three decades that purged another 66 million citizens; yet millions of Russians still rever his memory. The author has worked with children and adults with mental and physical disabilities and his knowledge and humanism shine through a work which is both funny and moving. The title refers to the need for an election to the parish council of the well-heeled West Country town of Pagford where a a bitter dispute is taking place over proposals to reassign resposnibility for The Fields, a local estate, to the larger next door.

In an interview with the "Observer" newspaper, Healey said: "I wrote the book thinking it might be cathartic - that, with so many members of my family affected, it's something I might end up with. At another level, the trilogy is a savage satire on organised religion and the church, presenting an altogether more humanistic interpretation of life. Through the prism of migration, Hamid examines the divided world in which we live: "The news in those days was full of war and migrants and nativists, and it was full of fracturing too, of regions pulling away from nations, and cities pulling away from.

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Unusually there is not a single narrator or point of view but several. There are 'guest' appearances by some actual historic personages. I read "Wolf Hall" - which received the Man Booker Prize in 2009 - on a holiday in China and I took in "Bring Up The Bodies" - which won the Man Booker Prize in 2012 - on a tour of Australia and New Zealand. In "The Hunger Games we are only two-fifths of the way into the novel before we are in the arena of that year's Games but, in "Catching Fire we are two-thirds into the book before we enter the very different arena. Parts of her last chapter in the near future use a kind of text-speak and one whole chapter breathtakingly takes the form of a PowerPoint presentation. Above all, though, this is a tale of redemption and hope as each of his three characters seeks to retain their humanity at a time of death, destruction and even betrayal: "He will behave now as he hopes everyone will someday behave. Even in an English translation, his writing is delightful and engrossing. James is a family friend of David, now serving as a member of the US special forces in the country, who is suspicious of Casa. His childhood oxford mba essays 2014 friend is Hassan, the runner of the title, someone who never denied Amir anything.