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the. The kingdom promises to ancient Israel were conditional. 40 Po 1998,. . Other Adventists, however, such. It comprised many individuals and a few groups in many countries who looked for the Second Advent as near.

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53 Day-Star, Extra, 9:42, 43, Feb. See Advent Herald,.s. They called the majority the "nominal Adventists or "professed Adventists." This minority, who held to "their past experience" in 1844, said that the 2300 days had ended and that the parable of the Bridegroom had been fulfilled; and therefore that "the door was shut" after. An example of use in the first area, a ceiling effect in treatment, is pain relief by some kinds of analgesic drugs, which have no further effect on pain above a particular dosage level (see also: ceiling effect in pharmacology ). Gunn, in Midnight Cry, 7:147, Nov. 21st Century Anthropology: A Reference Handbook. Or had they mistaken the nature of the Advent?

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