importance of growing trees essay

know how important trees and plants are for our survival and well being. Trees also remove carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, from the air. Kids, monkeys, birds love to play around trees. We have to admit that we are the great contributor in the rapid increase of temperature in our environment. Were part of nature. One of the main reasons among these is that trees exhale the life-giving oxygen without which the existence of mankind is impossible. The importance of trees, trees are very important to our environment.

Importance of tree plantation has been stressed upon time and again. The need for tree plantation has become even greater these days because of the growing. Trees absorb carbon dioxide as they grow and the carbon that they store in their w ood helps slow the rate of global warming. They reduce wind speeds and cool. Trees help record the history of your family as they grow and develop alongside yo u and your kids.

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In this bpp law school essay competition process, trees create wood, as well as many chemicals, seeds and fruit of great utility to man. This is because these are less impacted by the pollution. Such as Industrialisation, land erosion to roads, garbage burning and traffic pollution etc. People want to give good healthy environment for their family member so they are looking to buy indoor plants and air purifier. They are renewable, biodegradable and recyclable. They are our breath, our. Trees are the source of food, fruits for animals, birds and humans. If this happens, it will not be the first. Trees are planted as living memorials. We resist removing trees to widen streets.

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