can you use i in a college essay

a sense of it as well. I have never heard the sentence "I go to college" when someone introduces oneself. Sign Up For Free, join for free, and start talking with other members, weighing in on community discussions, and more. Instead, a sentence "I go to college" is more general expression. The leading college-bound community on the web. I doubt you'd have any trouble. I'm a college student." when we have to introduce ourselves. Post reviews of your campus visits.

Can you use i in a college essay
can you use i in a college essay

Recently, One of my friend told me that a sentence "I am a college student" is not generally used to introduce oneself in USA. We just say "college." 2) "a university not "an" IN "I'm in college/school (right) now" "enrolled in (college or it's the actual school year does NOT use "a" AT A "I'm at a college/university/school" (right) now you can use "university" here, to emphasize that it's. A: "what have you been doing since we graduated high school?". "School" can apply to a college or university, but can also apply to a elementary/middle/high school "I'm at a college now" is for when you're actually at a college campus.

My friends and I always say that "Hi, I'm 000. From the point of view of writing it, it helps to have some RL experience of the place, but then Bram excellent college essay Stoker famously never visited eastern Europe and he didn't even have the benefit of the internet. How did you learn English? I would just use "in" sounds like "you weren't here before, but now you ARE" Consider: adding "building" "I'm in a college/school building" (location - perfectly okay). Find hundreds of pages of informative articles. It's kind of complicated.

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