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critical understanding of their chosen focal topic. One key piece of advice is that it must be the students own work, which means plagiarism must be avoided (Box 4). Issues in video-conferencing in a nursing education program. This article focuses on dissertations, offering a framework for students embarking on or stuck in the middle of the process of writing one. Doctor of Education thesis, Teachers College, Columbia University. Influence of Work Environment Conditions on the Ability of Critical Care Nurses to Provide Efficacious Nursing Care in Puerto Rico, Yolanda. Chapman Lambert PDF The Relationship Between Socioeconomic Status and Body Mass Index on Vitamin D Levels in African American Women with and without Diabetes Living in Areas with Abundant Sunshine, Shani Vann Davis PDF Predictors of Quality of Life in Patients with Cutaneous T cell. Comparing nursing student learning using lecture and lecture with CD-ROMs. It may feature: The epistemological approach for example qualitative or quantitative, or perhaps eclectic and why you made that choice; The method for example, if you have chosen a quantitative approach your method could be a survey, while a qualitative approach could be the observation. Chandler PDF Relationship of anger trait and anger expression to c-reactive protein in post-menopausal women, Rosalyn Gross PDF Identifying patients with cancer at risk of experiencing a fall while hospitalized, Joann. Many student nurses feel overwhelmed by the task of writing a dissertation, uncertain how to approach it and doubtful about their chances of success.

Writing a dissertation equates to developing an understanding of research or systematic enquiry rather than generating new evidence; that is the purpose of a doctoral thesis. As a general rule, undergraduates should not be encouraged to involve patients in their research projects, but they will still need to secure ethical approval if they intend to involve peers, staff or any other informants who could potentially be harmed.

The impact of high-fidelity human patient simulation on clinical judgment of nursing students: A pilot study. Self-reported competency in performance of computer literacy skills for nursing among baccalaureate nurse educators and self-reported integration of these skills into the curriculum through teaching practice. Box 1 summarises what is expected from you in a dissertation. Bunch, Jacinda Lea (2014 Rapid response systems : evaluation of program context, mechanism, and outcome factors. Y ours: do not be tempted to claim anyone elses work as your own.

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