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relationships with men proved a stumbling block, leading her to major disappointments. Their missions are recorded, edited, and broadcast to the public as a popular propaganda show called Strategy. Fonner iUniverse book review by Michael Radon "When sad, she offers relieving cheer. Tipped off in a dream that is eerily similar to a dream that Lil has, Jack visits Gypsy Lou who explains the dream to him and sends him on his quest. When she discovers she is pregnant, the news is disturbing. (read more) back to top Transitions Kennedy and Her Bink / Kennedy y su Chupeta: Book 1 by Maureen Sky Xlibris book review by Barbara Bamberger Scott "Please dont take my bink. BookVenture Publishing, LLC book review by Kat Kennedy "Human sexuality is not simply a matter of biology, but an expansive universe of ideas, myths, received ideas, traditions that have a long historical trajectory." In a society constantly bombarded with sexual images and innuendo, is there. (read more) back to top Testimony Do You Know the Man? She opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came out." This book expands on a story that was begun in two earlier volumes.

Mostly, the after-hours calls came from the other equally overworked and a bit inexperienced hospital staff. With over sixty poems to choose from, each one provides a unique point of view, form, and tone that creates a whole spectrum of approaches to mostly the same topic. Following each section is an additional essay question for the reader to ponder and perhaps do research and write a response. These fictional stories are highly focused on thought-provoking, current issues that can be debated. (read more) back to top Alien Crisis The Drakos Effect by Joe Sharcoff iUniverse book review by Michelle Jacobs "Fighting, resisting its fevered anger and growing destructive drive, and in the effort to understand, it held on to this being named Shana." Astrobiologist. But the past keeps showing up even as he starts a new romance with Kate, a strong-willed woman who wants to be with Wyatt even if it brings danger and uncertainty to her life. When Maxine grows bigger, she cannot sleep with the dogs anymore and has to live in a paddock with Blitzen the deer but still dreams of rounding up the cows with the other dogs. Evil, siblings Alex and Ambrose mourn the sudden death of their police officer father. Plain run out of luck." After graduation from New York Maritime College, the author was assigned to serve with the Coast Guard in the Pacific Northwest. Complexities of medical insurance can prevent needed care, and fear of lawsuits can have a deleterious effect on a physicians practice.