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son is encouraging him to meet her again. Wharton frustrates the reader with this ending, and even with Archers and Ellens frustrated love. Despite her attempts to fit into New York society, she finds herself offending the accepted mores at every turn. But Wharton adds, " 'Nice' women, however wronged, would never claim the kind of freedom he meant, and generous-minded men like himself were therefore - in the heat of the argument - the more chivalrously ready to concede it to them." No one in society. Her selection of points of view: of the two central figures, Newland and Ellen Olenski, with whom he falls fatally in love, only Newland is allowed a voice; Ellen is always seen through his eyes and those of others, and is thus given a detachment. May told Ellen she was pregnant before she was sure, knowing that Ellen was an honorable woman who would not allow herself to be the reason why Archer left his wife and baby.

This show more content, edith Wharton was the author of The Age of Innocence, a novel published in 1920. The Age of Innocence Analysis. But Ellen is fatally tainted: although Ellen is the one who is the innocent party in her failed marriage (her husband, the Count had eyes with a lot of lashes to lash discard his eyes roamed and when he wasnt chasing the women he was. All Answers ltd, 'The Age of Innocence Analysis' (m, October 2018) p?vref1 accessed Reference Copied to Clipboard. So it comes as no surprise that The Age of Innocence is full of intricate descriptions of decor, dress and architectural details. She fascinates the men and repels the women by her cosmopolitanism, her taste for literature and art, her cooly amused buy definition essay view (almost flippant attitude) of the world of her childhood: Im sure Im dead and buried, and this dear old place is heaven, she says. Ellen is assumed to be having an affair with Archer, when she is not. This leads to hypocritical behavior, such as the adulterer Lefferts judging the morals of others, or society accepting the shady dealer Beaufort as long as he gives lavish parties and keeps his illicit activities out of public gossip. It is significant that Wharton wrote the novel at a time when anthropology, which included the study of cultural artifacts, was becoming popular.

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