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more positive consequences than negative. Why Cannabis, Also Known As Marijuana, Should Be Legal. The government must also place the same sales tax on marijuana as it places on tobacco. A large study presented to the American Thoracic Society in 2006 showed that, even in cases of chronic marijuana smokers, there was no increased risk of lung cancer. Never did anything else, just weed. Cigarette smoking is the single most preventable cause of premature death in the. The gateway theory presents as a casual explanation is the statistic association between common and uncommon micro essay definition drugs, an association that changes over time as different drugs increase and decrease in prevalence. Each franchise creates about 75 legitimate jobs, ones that likely would have remained in the shadows, profitable only to shady dealers, had old laws remained on the books.

3912 words - 16 pages the individual into a community and the collective programming of the mind that distinguishes members of one known group from another". The government must also place the same sales tax on marijuana as it places on tobacco and alcohol; without this special tax, the governments profit "The Vinegar Tasters" Response. As the world progresses, particularly in the United States people tend to be more socially acceptable of taboos that would have been widely looked down upon many years ago. Why is one of them smiling? Most marijuana users never use any other illegal drug. Then again, because allegorical can mean to have a timeless meaning - then there is no one meaning as to why Lao-tse is smiling. Marijuana has a far less number of chemicals produced but it still has short-term effects on your body. Other long term effects of smoking cigarettes include lung.

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Closed Adoption Why closed adoption is better 1280 words - 5 pages move on with their own separate lives. Now you really wish there was something that would make you feel better. When I was ten years old, my mother and father. The theory that smoking marijuana leads to the use of harder drugs, such as heroin, cocaine, and LSD, is one that is not proven, or even been tested1. Legalizing and having a MJ exclusive shop keeps people away from harder drugs on the street -People won't get gunned down for trying to rip someone off, 's government backed! Being Californians, some love or some hate the fact that marijuana is accessible to medicinal clubs It may do its purpose in helping the needy, but with its easy accessibility - add that to people who likes getting high, sums up to getting a medical. Source(s ml, Opinion, david P 1 decade essay on what motivates you ago 0, thumbs up 0, thumbs down, comment). It is the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. One of these taboos is marijuana. Many people say it creates a relaxing feeling all over the body, some say it helps to clear their head, and some say they like the taste of the cigarette. You'd pass out before that!

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